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DAUK Conference & Exhibition 2023

Join us at The Wellcome Collection in London on Saturday 22nd April 2023 for our first conference and exhibition.

Our internationally renowned Keynote speaker is Robin DiAngelo (PhD), best selling, multi-award-winning writer and world-renowned expert on critical race theory and social justice education.

Other notable speakers include Allyson Pollock, Chris Day, Peter Duffy, Moosa Qureshi, Judith Booth, Bhaskhar Bora, Ally Jaffee, Threads of Survival, Omer Karim, David Sellu, Rosie Shire and John Hughes.

Members discount available.

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Date and time: Wed, 22 February 2023, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT, Online

As we mark the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, this webinar will explain the remarkable story of how the lessons of the PPE crisis of the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, helped us design novel ways of arranging medical supplies.

Frontline Live is a U.K. charity set up by entrepreneurs and medics with a mission to help deliver medical supplies to our colleagues in Ukraine in the most efficient manner way possible. Come join the webinar to hear an inspiring story born of the pandemic and now crystallised in helping those most in need in Ukraine.

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Led by frontline doctors.

For frontline doctors.


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We can only continue our lobbying work thanks to the support of our members. All GMC registered UK doctors are eligible for full membership. NHS supporters are eligible for associate membership. We also offer free student membership. 

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Our organisation is strictly non-profit and operates on a shoe string. We need your support to continue our campaigns. Support our work by donating to our crowdfund here. 

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Meet the team

The Doctors’ Association UK is run by frontline doctors. From medical students and junior doctors to consultants and GPs, DAUK has a range of medics from a number of specialities all who are currently working in the UK.

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Read about our work

We campaign for UK doctors and the wider NHS. As the voice for frontline doctors we advocate for the medical profession in the media. Our lobbying work often takes us to Parliament. 

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Our Organisation

A non-profit organisation led by frontline doctors

Doctors hold a vocation for the work they do. It makes sense that frontline doctors should be instrumental in shaping UK healthcare policy. 

We should be ensuring that our collective voice speaks to the government and demands to be heard when it is developing policy. We should be engaged with the media outlets whose opinions inform the public about the state of the NHS.

None of this is happening, and doctors consequently feel unheard, powerless and disenfranchised. 

Things need to change, and the Doctors’ Association UK seeks to bring about that change. 

We are a strictly non-profit campaigning and lobbying organisation, comprised of UK doctors and medical students. We advocate for both the medical profession and patients, and we’re fighting for a better NHS for everyone.

UK doctors’ voices have not been heard collectively, until now. We stand for a better NHS. Stand with us.