DAUK in The Huffington Post: Boris Johnson Says We’re Better Prepared For A Second Covid-19 Wave – Is He Right?

Ahead of that announcement, Dr Sophie Rowlands – who sits on the GP advisory board of the Doctors’ Association UK – said there was a “fairly stable” supply of PPE.

However, she said that government failings during the pandemic had undermined doctors’ confidence in ministers and their assurances.

“I think at the moment confidence in the government is at an all-time low,” Rowlands said.

“We were promised a ‘world-beating’ test and trace system, which has failed to materialise.


DAUK in The Times: NHS creates ‘Covid-free’ hospitals to stop winter waiting lists soaring

“The overall idea is that we will not be doing what we did the first time,” said Lewis, who works in London and is the general secretary of the Doctors’ Association UK. “Some people will have to be redeployed, but it won’t be on the scale that it was before.”

Her chief concern is for patients without the virus. “I’m hopeful that we’ve learned some lessons from the first wave. From a personal point of view, I just want to continue treating cancer patients – my big fear this time around is for non-Covid patients.”


DAUK in BMJ: Covid-19: Delays in getting tests are keeping doctors from work, health leaders war

A survey of 750 doctors by lobby group Doctors Association UK (DAUK) revealed “hundreds” of doctors could not access tests. Three quarters who needed tests were not able to get them, which DAUK president Samantha Batt-Rawden called a “disgrace.”

It cited examples of a Gloucester GP who had to self-isolate for 6 days before a slot was available nearly 200 miles away in Norwich. Another doctor spoke of the only option being “an appointment in 90 minutes. It is a 419 mile journey to get there and takes seven hours.”