DAUK on ITV News: Dr Zainab Najim on Testing Failures

DAUK were featured on ITV News last night with regards to the lack of testing for NHS staff. Recent data shows that significant numbers of healthcare workers, including many doctors, have not been able to access testing.

Dr Zainab Najim, a GP with DAUK’s GP Advisory Board: "We have been on the government website, refreshing every 20-30 minutes with no luck at all. To be stuck at home for two days not being able to do your job properly and at a time when the NHS needs its doctors the most is incredibly frustrating.”


DAUK in the Guardian: GPs and medics decry NHS test-and-trace system

Doctors have criticised the coronavirus testing system as “an utter shambles” after it emerged that some are being told to undertake round trips of up to 522 miles to get swabbed.

A dossier of cases being collated by the Doctors’ Association UK discloses how a male GP in Margate in Kent who was displaying symptoms was told to travel 266 miles to Leeds in West Yorkshire to have a test.


DAUK in Medscape: Pay Issues Causing Doctors to Consider Life Outside the NHS

More than a thousand doctors have said they are considering leaving the NHS because of pay, staffing shortages, and disillusionment with the Government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Doctors' Association UK said while ministers had enthusiastically filmed themselves as they clapped for NHS staff during the height of the pandemic, they had "done little or nothing" to show practical support.


DAUK in the Evening Standard: More than 1,000 doctors ‘plan to quit NHS over Government mishandling of coronavirus pandemic’

More than 1,000 doctors have said they intend to leave the NHS due to the Government’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and anger over pay, a new study has found.

In a survey conducted by Doctors’ Association UK, doctors also complained of growing stress levels within their profession and mental health worries.

Two-third of respondents said they either intended to switch to the private sector, move abroad, work as locums or take a career break within the next three years.