DAUK in The Independent: Coronavirus has exposed a number of problems with the NHS – skills and funds must be better distributed

A recent Doctors’ Association survey found that more than 1,000 doctors have seriously considered quitting this year, with 45 per cent of those asked citing the crisis’ impact on their mental health. Gruelling 12-hour shifts, exhaustion and burnout are also leading growing numbers of nurses to quit within three years of joining the profession.


DAUK in the Financial Times: Whistleblowers need more protection in a post-Covid workplace

One way to make workplaces safer is to provide secure channels for reporting wrongdoing. In the UK, organisations including the whistleblowing charity Protect, WhistleblowersUK, and the Doctors’ Association UK are campaigning for change. Reform is also the goal of a private members’ bill sponsored by the MP Philippa Whitford and of a House of Lords’ bill sponsored by Baroness Kramer.


DAUK on LBC News: Doctors fear second coronavirus surge due to lack of testing

The head of the Doctor's Association fears history will repeat itself and England will see a second coronavirus surge due to the lack of available coronavirus tests.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden is the Chair of the UK Doctor's Association and was speaking to Eddie Mair amid the news that no tests are available in England's top 10 hotspots, which was exclusively revealed by LBC.