Jenny Vaughan writes for the BMJ: Medical Manslaughter, will the findings of an independent review be a tipping point for change

It’s been a busy in Medical Manslaughter land. I attach my DAUK commentary on the medical Manslaughter review out recently.

Five years ago, when I first started doing the appeal for David Sellu ( check out his new book “ Did He Save Lives? “via Foyles and Waterstones) I never dreamt of a day like this. A whole review has now essentially concluded that if any doctor is being lined up for criminal charges, it will now be expected that the setting in which they work will be equally scrutinised and that experts will have to consider if human factors like stress or fatigue were more to blame. All I could see then was darkness, a toxic hospital with its knives out and judgemental expert witnesses. Now we have moved forward and all of us here at DAUK applaud Leslie Hamilton and his panel for such an excellent set of 29 recommendations.

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