Compassionate Culture

The NHS is Britain’s greatest treasure. Yet it still harbours a culture of hierarchy where bullying, harassment and appalling training environments go unchallenged. We believe that bullying, and discouraging victims from speaking up, goes hand in hand with a blame culture.

Often doctors are shamed into silence, and don’t realise other doctors are struggling just as much as they are. Morale is at an all time low in the NHS, with rates of burnout and sadly, even physician suicide on the rise. DAUK are teaming up with our Royal Colleges as part of a wider NHS anti-bullying alliance and are encouraging doctors to speak out.

After #NHSMeToo went viral, DAUK launched a subsequent campaign lobbying for a Compassionate Culture. After enabling doctors to speak up about instances of bullying and mistreatment, we are now asking doctors to share their positive experiences, where they have been treated with compassion.

Through our campaign we hope to share and disseminate examples of exemplary practice to encourage a change in culture and a move towards a kinder NHS which treats staff with compassion.

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Compassionate Culture in the news​

DAUK on Love Sport Radio: Dr Jenny Vaughan stands up for doctors

We have taken the decision to share a transcript of Dr Jenny Vaughan’s interview this morning on Love Sport Radio. She was invited onto the show to speak about the proposal that retired doctors will be re-registered to work in the NHS in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

During the interview presenters Kelvin MacKenzie and Patrick Christys first ridicule doctors for not having a lifelong duty under the Hippocratic oath to return and treat patients. They state numerous times that being a doctor is a “well paid job” and that doctors should expect the circumstances they find themselves in as they are well paid and chose to do it.

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