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DAUK's "Primary Care in Crisis" MP Briefing

On 15th July at 10am DAUK’s GP Team will hold an urgent briefing for MPs on the ongoing crisis in primary care

Number of GP Consultations carried out in March 2021



NHS GP surgeries have remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, contrary to widespread media reports. Official NHS data confirms that more GP appointments are being offered than ever before, and primary care teams continue to provide over 90 percent of all NHS consultations.

Practices were already struggling prior to the pandemic and are now facing near-impossible challenges in the face of a “tsunami of demand”.

We need Parliament to listen so action can be taken.

As part of our #GPCrisis campaign DAUK is holding an urgent MP briefing to ensure parliamentarians are well versed in the issues facing primary care, which ultimately impact upon the wider NHS.

An MP is much more likely to attend if a constituent asks them to attend. 

Which is where you come in. Please use our pre-filled tool to write to your MP and ask them to attend this urgent briefing. It takes just 2 minutes and will make such a difference.

Thank you from all of us at DAUK.