DAUK members' profile using discarded PPE

DAUK is actively campaigning for a Greener NHS, because climate crisis and health crisis are interlinked. We are working with Zero Hour to work on the health hazards caused by climate change and alter climate inaction in the political sphere.

DAUK are proud to be one of the first health organisations to support the Climate and Ecology Bill, introduced by Caroline Lucas MP as a private members’ bill in September 2020.

It has been written with world-leading scientists to tackle the full extent of the climate and nature crisis in-line with current science. Its purpose is to ensure the UK takes full responsibility for its part in limiting global warming to below 1.5 °C and reversing the destruction of nature within its borders and across the world with the involvement of the public through a Climate and Nature Assembly to move us forward in a fair way to achieve the transformative change we so desperately need.  

With temperatures soaring, it is now critical that we get emissions under control in line with 1.5 °C and restore nature to help us adapt to the impacts of climate change. Will you write to your MP and call on them to back the Climate and Ecology Bill and show your individual support by signing up as a supporter

This year, UK experienced extreme heat and weather conditions that could cause heat injuries. Healthcare workers have to work in understaffed wards and GP surgeries where heat has been a major issue. Our Sustainability lead Dr Matthew Lee says: “Whilst the such extreme heat may come as a surprise to many, we have had years of scientific research warning this would be inevitable if significant climate action was not taken. Healthcare workers already under significant strain are now having to work in clinical areas that simply are not adapted to such conditions. The heat is causing issues with commutes to work due to infrastructure damage, staff are becoming quickly fatigued and dehydrated due to the heat and there are significant challenges with keeping patients cool. Unfortunately, this continued burning of fossil fuels, this is likely to be a recurring issue year on year and we may well be at risk of annual summer crises as well as winter ones. Urgent action needs to be taken to stop the burning of fossil fuels and decarbonise rapidly for the sake of our health and lives”