DAUK Chair Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden invited to curate @NHS: the NHS England Twitter account

Last week, DAUK Chair Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden was invited to curate the @NHS Twitter account. Each week NHS England invites a different inspirational member of NHS staff or patient, to talk about their work and tell their story.

Here is the round up of Sammy’s week. Follow her on Twitter here and DAUK on Twitter here.

Sammy spent Monday and Tuesday explaining about a day in the life of an Intensive Care Registrar.

On Wednesday she spoke about wellbeing and burnout.

On Thursday Sammy spoke her research in empathy, and how doctors need to be looked after better in order to look after others. She also about human factors, patient safety, and DAUK’s work to change the way we approach medical error in the UK with our campaign Learn Not Blame.

On Friday Sammy talked about Women in Medicine.

FInally, in a thread that went viral, Sammy shared the story of her son Joshua’s 3 months in Intensive Care.

A final thought from Sammy on the NHS to round off her week.

Being asked to curate the account is a huge achievement for our Chair. We hope you enjoyed her week! Follow Sammy on Twitter here and DAUK on Twitter here.