Scrap the Cap: DAUK writes to Sajid Javid expressing concern for General Practice

In a letter to Sajid Javid dated 3rd June, The Doctors' Association UK express concern that Theresa May's caps on Tier 2 visas are now affecting general practice. The letter, timed for release with the RCGP, states doctors "are feeling the strain of working in departments, wards and general practices, which are severely understaffed" and note that "several specialties are under-filled".

DAUK to goes on highlight how General Practice is being affected by Tier 2 visa caps. 

"In particular, we are concerned by hearing a number of cases affecting those wishing to train as GPs in the UK, those currently in GP training and even fully qualified GPs who have completed their training in the UK and now are being refused tier 2 visas".

DAUK goes on to cite a cases of doctor currently in GP training who has been forced to leave the country, and a further two cases of doctors unable to take up GP training posts that they had successfully applied for, one of whom is already working in the NHS.

The Doctors' Association UK are supporting many other doctors who have approached them with their own stories regarding visas. Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, Chair of DAUK said "These cases are just the tip of the iceberg. We have been approached by many others in the same situation, many of whom are devastated they cannot pursue their chosen career of General Practice. The government's promise of an extra 5000 GPs by 2020 seems unlikely to be delivered, yet we are turning potential GPs away from the UK".

DAUK has learnt that visa issues are also affecting fully qualified GPs, who are struggling to find a practice to sponsor them for a visa. Today, Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard called for NHS England to sponsor visa for GPs, to spare small practices the cost and bureaucracy of applications. 

This morning, The Doctors' Association UK told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, that in respect to boosting the NHS workforce with overseas GPs "getting them here, means changing the rules".