DAUK in The Guardian: Dossier reveals ‘petty tortures’ of NHS trainee doctors denied leave

This week we got in touch with DAUK member Dr Joanna Poole, an anaesthetic registrar whose post about wanting to quit medicine went viral on Twitter. Joanna has also been inundated with messages from fellow doctors who have found themselves in a similar situation. Now, Joanna has been invited to share her experiences with multiple Royal Colleges. With DAUK, Joanna is continuing to collate the responses she has received anonymously in the hope this will inspire a kinder NHS for our doctors.

DAUK were able to support Joanna and were able to help see this piece published in The Guardian on Joanna’s behalf. Now, Joanna is joining forces with DAUK to encourage doctors to speak out as part of DAUK’s #NHSMeToo campaign. Hundreds of doctors are sharing their own stories on Twitter under hashtag #NHSMeToo. Yesterday, DAUK published a thread of such stories which has been widely shared, and has even been commented on and retweeted by the Health Secretary.

Joanna is a force for change and is a real example for what grassroots doctors can achieve when they speak up.  We look forward to welcoming Joanna onto the committee as our newest DAUK Editor.