MPTS Determination for Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba

On Tuesday 9th April 2019 the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service delivered its determination in the case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba. Amongst its findings the MPTS listed that:

  • “Dr Bawa-Garba has fully remediated the concerns of the 2017 Tribunal insofar as has been possible for her without returning to clinical practice”

  • “Dr Bawa-Garba has apologised for her failings on numerous occasions including during this hearing and has expressed remorse for them”

  • “Dr Bawa-Garba has sufficient insight into her failings and what she should have done differently”

  • “That the Tribunal was therefore satisfied, as the 2017 Tribunal had been, that the risk of Dr Bawa-Garba putting another patient at an unwarranted risk of harm is low”

  • “there is extensive evidence of Dr Bawa-Garba having engaged very positively with her Educational Supervisor, Dr Cusack, with whom she has met on a fortnightly basis since her conviction”

  • “Dr Bawa-Garba has undertaken all the training and steps possible to keep her clinical skills and knowledge up to date, including active participation in the regular educational supervision meetings”

  • “there is evidence that Dr Bawa-Garba has the support not just of Dr Cusack and others at the Trust, but also the Postgraduate Dean for the East Midlands Deanery, and the Head of School, East Midlands School of Paediatrics”

  • “Dr Bawa-Garba’s insight regarding her next steps and her phased return to clinical practice are realistic and workable”

  • “The Tribunal was struck, for example, by Dr Cusack’s evidence that Dr Bawa-Garba frequently attends their regular meetings with journal articles or other publications detailing cases or clinical scenarios she wishes to discuss with him.”

You can read the full MPTS determination here.