Jenny Vaughan for the BMJ: The Bawa-Garba case should usher in a fairer culture in healthcare

Dr Jenny Vaughan, DAUK’s Law and Policy officer writes for the BMJ about the case which has rocked medicine more than any other in recent times. Read her analysis as the case draws to its conclusion. 

“When the General Medical Council (GMC) appealed for her to be struck off the medical register, it lit the blue touch paper for a whole generation of doctors working in very challenging conditions across the country. Many of these doctors were simply not prepared to accept the High Court’s subsequent verdict in January 2018 that Bawa-Garba should be erased from the medical register. And while the GMC’s appeal was initially successful, its pyrrhic victory was to be short lived. An unprecedented crowdfunding appeal raised more than £350 000 for Bawa-Garba to hire a new legal team and launch an appeal. In August 2018 the appeal court rejected the High Court’s decision to allow the GMC to erase Bawa-Garba’s name from the medical register.”

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