The Sunday Times: DAUK sets the record straight about Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt last week told the Sunday Times that he was best placed to negotiate a Brexit deal as he “out-negotiated what is widely thought to be the toughest union in the country when running the NHS.”

DAUK feel that whilst others may fear to set the record straight it is important for people to know the truth. The reply from our Chair, Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden is the lead letter in today’s Sunday Times. It reads:

His comments will come as a surprise to doctors who will remember that Mr Hunt had to resort to imposing the junior doctor contract upon them; this after a spectacular failure to negotiate and following a bitter and long-running dispute.

This unprecedented and cowardly move is widely credited for alienating the entire NHS workforce and the general public, who are now suffering the repercussions of widespread staff shortages as a result.

It is therefore astounding such an unmitigated disaster should be used by Mr Hunt as evidence of his ability to deliver Brexit. One wonders how such a combative approach will be viewed by the European Commission.

The letter can be found in The Sunday Times