PRESS RELEASE: DAUK launches election manifesto with key priorities for the NHS

The NHS is in a state of crisis. Whilst much attention has focussed on Brexit, doctors have watched on with increasing concern as the NHS, Britain’s greatest treasure, has been sidelined. It is unacceptable that it has taken a general election to put the NHS back on the agenda. 

With an ever growing staffing crisis, and spiralling wait times we firmly believe that the NHS should be of paramount concern our party leaders, as it is to the British people, before it is too late. So, at a time when we are 11,000 doctors short, and we have 100,000 vacancies across the frontline we are asking all political parties to put the NHS above party politics, and make the NHS a key priority in the general election. It is vital however that the commitments made to the NHS during the election campaign are met and delivered. Making exorbitant but empty promises however is a disservice to millions of patients and hardworking NHS staff.

In our manifesto we have indicated the most pressing matters affecting the NHS and its staff, as well as our suggested strategies going forward. As we head towards another winter crisis, projected to be the worst yet, urgent action is required by all political parties to prevent an all-year-round crisis, from which the NHS may not recover.