DAUK at EMTA 2019 in closing debate: this house believes resilience is rubbish

Our immediate past-Chair and Co-Director Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden attended the Emergency Medicine Trainee Association Conference with Dr Robert Hirst, DAUK Secretary, and spoke in the closing debate arguing for the motion that ‘Resilience is Rubbish’.

Speaking to EM trainees and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine alongside EMTA rep Dr Mark Winstanley, Sammy argued passionately that the resilience movement puts too much blame on individuals whilst “allowing organisations off the hook” for putting doctors in poor working environment.

She argued that teaching doctors to be less upset and angry working in broken systems is not resilience, but compliance, and does a disservice to our patients who need us to speak up about unsafe working conditions.

The debate saw “most minds changed” and the motion ‘resilience is rubbish’ was passed 60% to 40%.

DAUK will continue to work with RCEM. It was an excellent 2 days organised by EMTA and we were delighted to be invited to attend.

More about EMTA and the brilliant work it does on behalf of trainees here: