The Canary: DAUK’s Dr Yaso Browne interviewed for a documentary for The Canary on the NHS

DAUK were delighted to be asked to be filmed for a new documentary for The Canary on how NHS cuts and creeping privatisation has affected the NHS and it’s staff. This new film features exclusive interviews with doctors, nurses, campaigners and many others who care about the future of our NHS. The NHS is one of the most important issues of this election, and The Canary says this film will reveal exactly what’s at stake.

The Red Cross in 2017 said the NHS was in humanitarian crisis. And that was following 2 people dying on a trolley waiting to be seen.
— Dr Yaso Browne, DAUK Lead Editor

Interviewed alongside other healthcare staff Dr Yaso Browne speaks about the reality of working in today’s NHS. She explores the impact skeleton staffing on waiting times and patient safety, as well as discussing the impact of under-resourcing on doctors and healthcare professionals.

63% of doctors say they are burnout at work, and unfortunately 430 healthcare professionals have committed suicide in the UK.
— Dr Yaso Browne, GP and DAUK Lead Editor