DAUK in The Telegraph: medics say NHS on its knees

Before Christmas over 2000 doctors wrote to Boris Johnson warning that the ‘NHS was on its knees’. The letter, co-ordinated by The Doctors’ Association urged that without change, the NHS was heading into the ‘worst winter crisis yet’.

Accident & Emergency waiting times are now the worst on record, with more than a fifth of patients waiting more than four hours.

Medics warned that they were “on their knees” as the NHS continued to miss a raft of key targets.

EDs should see at least 95 percent of patients within four hours.

But the figure fell to 79.8 per cent in December, the lowest performance since records began in 2004.

The number of patients enduring waits of more than 12 hours on trolleys also hit a new high last month, with 2,347 patients stuck in corridors and side-rooms, more than double the previous month.