DAUK for BBC Radio Suffolk: Dr Jenny Vaughan talks Learn Not Blame following finger-printing at West Suffolk hospital to identify whistleblower

Following a CQC report downgrading West Suffolk hospital from Outstanding to Requires Improvement Dr Jenny Vaughan speaks to BBC Radio Suffolk.

The Doctors’ Association UK first raised the alarm in December after members approached DAUK alleging that the trust was finger-printing staff and asking for samples of handwriting to identifying an anonymous whistleblower. The story first broke in The Guardian with Denis Campbell.

Speaking to Stephen Foster on BBC Radio Suffolk Jenny said:

“You learn from mistakes, if you can report them without feeling bullied without feeling intimidated that’s much safer for patients. Unfortunately what happened here was the opposite. The trust unfortunately decided to go after a whistleblower who must have felt unable to raise concerns in other way. There seems to be some kind of disconnection between what’s going on at senior management level and what’s going on with frontline staff.”