DAUK in The Times: NHS ill-equipped to deal with Coronavirus, NHS staff warn

NHS staff have complained of being ill equipped to deal with a virus that is now known to have killed some 3,000 people worldwide.

Although coronavirus has not yet resulted in a death in Britain, Peter Weeks, a GP in Morecambe Bay, said that the outbreak would be battled by GP staff who were already demoralised.

“We have been denigrated by politicians and the media . . . We have had our pensions raided and capped,” he wrote in a note circulated widely on Twitter.

“We have been forced to comply with ridiculous rules . . . we are all working to our absolute limit. So this pandemic comes at possibly the worst time for general practice for the past two generations.”

A survey also shows that a large majority of doctors fear the NHS is ill-prepared to deal with a major outbreak. More than 99 per cent of 1618 medics questioned by the Doctors’ Association did not agree that the service is well prepared to cope if it is hit by an epidemic.

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