DAUK on Channel 4: we will be burying our colleagues

Dr Jenny Vaughan the Doctors’ Association UK Law and Policy lead speaks to Cathy Newman on Channel 4. Asked about the ‘blank cheque’ being provided by the government Dr Jenny Vaughan said:

“you can’t come up with critical care nurses to staff ventilators just like that. These are the types of skilled people we should be welcoming back in to this country, come and staff, come and look after our patients. It is a real real worry. You need the staff on the frontline to look after the patients.”

Asked whether she was fearful of the situation she replied:

“Very fearful. We will lose our colleagues. We will be burying our colleagues. We know that has happened in China, we know that has happened in Italy. But let’s make no mistake about the fact that the medical workforce are ready willing and able to try and deal with this pandemic but we must have faster testing, proper equipment and we must have the proper staffing to try and help us deal with this.”