DAUK on Andrew Marr: the Prime Minister needs to protect the frontline

Dr Rinesh Parmar, DAUK Chair and intensivist on Andrew Marr advocating for doctors after a night shift.

Talking to Andrew Marr about our #protectthefrontline campaign and our letter in The Sunday Times signed by 6500 doctors by Sunday morning Rinesh said:

“We’ve had doctors that have told us they feel like cannon fodder. GPs have told us they feel completely abandoned.

“We are stressing to the Prime Minister that he really needs to protect the frontline here.

“We need adequate PPE, not just to protect ourselves, but also our patients and ultimately our families.”

When asked by Andrew Marr whether things are now improving as NHS England is moving on this Rinesh said:

“This is not reaching the frontlines. Some doctors have told us that the PPE they have received is inadequate, or doesn’t meet WHO guidelines. This has not reassured frontline staff that the protection they have received is in any way adequate.”

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