DAUK speaks to ABC Australia about the UK going into lockdown

Yesterday our Law and Policy Officer Dr Jenny Vaughan spoke to ABC News Australia about lockdown in the UK and how this is affecting the NHS.

“Life has changed as we know it. Both our kids are home from school. We are trying to juggle that with work”

Her husband, Matt is a surgeon who is now learning how to operate ventilators now elective surgery is cancelled.

“It is a calm before the storm” he said. “We’ve been clearing as many beds as possible”

Jenny will be continuing to work on the frontlines despite recovering from cancer.

“My main concern at this time is that people coming in with the normal health conditions, heart attacks, strokes, all the things that we normally deal with, they mustn’t lose out.

We mustn’t have more avoidable deaths of other conditions because of this crisis. I think it’s probably inevitable that we will.”

”What everyone is trying to do is to avoid the peak and the collapse of the health service.”