DAUK on Newsnight – Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden on PPE and the ‘lockdown’

DAUK Co-Founder Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden speaking to Emily Maitlis on Newsnight about the latest situation with Coronavirus and our #protectthefrontline campaign. Responding to a question about whether the Prime Minister’s message was clear she said:

“I think it was….Doctors have been concerned for a few days now about the mixed messaging that you quite rightly highlighted”.

“I don’t think saying to the public social distancing was really working, it clearly wan’t getting through”

She said that the Doctors’ Association UK have heard from an A&E doctor who said:

“I’ve just been putting young people who are critically unwell onto ventilators all night, i’ve walked out after my night shift into the day sun and everyone is just out and acting as normal – what is going on?”

“I am in support of the decision that Boris Johnson has made tonight, it is a bold decision but I think it is one that will help the NHS. I just hope that it’s in time.”