DAUK in The Evening Standard on the lockdown

“Today, doctors on the frontline of London’s NHS continued to warn of a lack of protective equipment. They said patients were dying of cardiac or respiratory arrest because of the time it takes medics to put on protective hazmat suits.

They expressed concern at the knock-on impact on other patients such as those suffering heart attacks, due to the focus on coronavirus.

“For every person who is getting ill with Covid, it feels there is someone who is getting really suboptimal care,” one medic said.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, co-founder of the grassroots Doctors’ Association UK, said: “A month ago we warned the Government in the Evening Standard about doctors’ concerns that the NHS was not well prepared. It seems doctors were canaries in the coal mine after-all.

“Now, four weeks later we are finally going into lockdown. We support the Prime Minister’s bold decisions today, and can only hope they are not too late.”