DAUK in the Evening Standard on PPE

“A health minister today vowed to increase testing of frontline NHS medics for Covid-19 after it emerged that thousands of potential tests went unused over the weekend. Care minister Helen Whately’s promise that a planned programme of testing will be rolled out came amid controversy over an apparent failure to make full use of the higher capacity built up over recent weeks.

Doctors’ leaders stepped up protests at shortages of “basic” equipment including masks and full gowns.

“There’s no point in doing all of this, taking such extreme measures, if we don’t get the basics right,” said Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, president of the Doctors’ Association.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth called for better equipment deliveries “as a matter of urgency”. He also backed a move to community testing and contact tracing to beat the virus, a call also made by former Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt.”