DAUK in The Sun reacting to the tragic news of the death of a colleague and lack of PPE

DAUK were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury. 

An excerpt from the Sun article: 

“Earlier this week, Dr Rinesh Parmar, of the Doctors’ Association, said there are still major issues surrounding the lack of PPE.

Rinesh told the Sophy Ridge On Sunday show that NHS staff are having to reuse eye masks and added that some nurses doing high-risk procedures are “having to hold their breath”.

Dr Parmar added that a survey conducted by his organisation has found that almost half of doctors say they have no eye protection at all.

He added: “Nurses are doing some of these high risk procedures because they’re unsure whether the masks they’ve been provided with is going to offer them adequate protection.”

He said: “Sadly doctors have been forced to take matters into their own hands.”

Asked on whether the NHS would cope, he said: “We’ve gone into this pandemic in a position of relative weakness.”

Dr Parmar said that along with the safety of patients, the safety of the workforce “is our paramount concern”.

He said: “Given the severe lack of PPE getting through, we are all very concerned about potentially losing more colleagues.

Dr Parmar said it was “sad to hear” of those who had already been lost “in the line of duty”, adding “none of us wants to hear further stories of frontline staff losing their lives”.