DAUK in The Mirror: latest data from our PPE app shows doctors are woefully unprotected

Excerpt from the article: 

“The government has insisted that the UK has enough protective equipment for all those who need it – although they admit some issues with delivering it to the places where it’s needed.

But the experience of nurses and doctors on the frontline has not borne that out.

The Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) Based on 500 reports so far from 193 hospital trusts and GP practices say that 72% of doctors cannot get hold of an FFP3 mask when they need one, 77% report shortages of long-sleeved gowns and 43% cannot always use a visor or goggles when they need them.

Protective kit is still in short supply for doctors undertaking “aerosol generating procedures” on Covid-19 patients, such as intubating them, where potentially dangerous droplets are expelled from their mouths.

Almost half (49%) of medics performing such procedures cannot always access a gown, 42% an FFP3 mask and 20% proper eye protection, DAUK found.

However, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have said a combination of revised PPE guidance issued last week by Public Health England, and the NHS drive to get millions more pieces of kit to the frontline, had made a big impact on the shortages and helped allay staff’s fears.”