DAUK teams up with crowdfunders to deliver 45000 masks and 500 gowns to the frontline

DAUK teams up with NHS Hero Support and LetsBeatCOVID.net to protect frontline staff the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), the voice of frontline doctors, is proud to announce a partnership with NHS Hero Support and LetsBeatCOVID.net to help meet gaps in the supply of PPE to frontline staff.

Despite the government and NHS shipping millions of items of PPE every week, there remain gaps at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

The Doctors’ Association UK has been at the forefront of highlighting the need for appropriate PPE for doctors and every care professional working on the frontline.

DAUK recently launched a free app https://www.nhsppe.com/ in partnership with medical app developers Messly, for doctors to register gaps in PPE supply on the frontline, and this has generated over 1000 needs in just one week.

NHS Hero Support is a national, not-for-profit organisation set up at the end of March to supply PPE during the coronavirus health crisis, staffed entirely by volunteer professionals.

Together 35000 FFP3 masks and 500 gowns have been delivered to the frontlines.

The not for profit LetsBeatCOVID.net app http://letsbeatcovid.net/ was developed by a team of volunteers led by MedShr, to provide the public with personalised information on COVID-19 and data for the NHS / WHO to support healthcare planning. The LetsBeatCOVID team is raising funds to supply PPE to frontline NHS healthcare staff.

Together the first 10,000 FFP2 masks as well as visors, gowns, scrubs and alcohol gel is on the way.

Dr Jenny Vaughan is leading on the partnership for the Doctors’ Association UK “The new partnership will allow DAUK to focus on identifying demand, with NHS Hero Support and LetsBeatCOVID.net then using their supply and distribution network to get appropriate PPE to those in greatest need. This is limited by the funds available, so to do this more effectively, they urgently need to raise more funds to help plug as many gaps as possible on the frontline. Please visit gofundme.com and donate to NHS Hero Support or go to the LetsBeatCOVID Just Giving page”

Martin McEwan of NHS Hero Support added: “The Doctors’ Association UK has been at the forefront of the campaign to ensure adequate PPE at the frontline, in the NHS and beyond, with carers in community settings now in particular need. We are working hard to fill as many gaps as possible, as every piece of kit is a professional protected and able to work safely. These people are heroes; they deserve the PPE they need. Let’s be really clear that PPE is life saving: every single life saved is worthwhile.”

Dr Asif Qasim, Founder of MedShr, leading the LetsBeatCOVID.net team: “DAUK have been clear in expressing the concerns of NHS doctors, nurses and HCPs about their PPE. By working together with DAUK and NHS Hero Support, we’ll be able to help to support our colleagues and keep them safe at work whilst they take care of everyone else”