DAUK in Medscape: doctors take matters into their own hands to deliver PPE

The Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) announced a crowdfunding partnership to pay for gaps in PPE supplies.

DAUK’s Dr Jenny Vaughan was quoted as saying: “We absolutely acknowledge that things have improved, but there are still many, many gaps and we can’t afford gaps when it comes to people’s lives.”
Chief Executive of NHS Providers, Chris Hopson, said today: “The Government is publicly quoting ever growing figures of how many millions of pieces of PPE are being delivered to the front line.

“Frontline staff, and those representing them, are pointing with increasing frustration to multiple instances of PPE not being available when required.

“The reality is that both are right. “There is a huge NHS effort to supply PPE to the front line but gaps remain.

“It would help if those gaps were publicly acknowledged and the reasons for them more clearly set out.”

Today Mr Hancock said: “We’re increasing the amount of PPE and I’m glad to say that there are now record amounts in the system.”

He was asked to commit to a date by which all NHS staff have the PPE they need: “The answer is that it’s impossible,” he said, “because the quest is to get the right PPE to the right people on the front line, at the right time, across many millions of people across the NHS and social care.

“And I’m glad to say that that effort is moving in the right direction,” he said.

“But until everybody gets the PPE that they need. Then, we won’t rest.” He was also asked whether the average wait time of two and a half days from staff asking for PPE and delivery was acceptable: “

The two and a half days is an average and so it shouldn’t be interpreted that people are waiting for two and a half days,” he said.”