DAUK in Medscape: response to Dr Harries saying we need an adult conversation about PPE

“Yesterday Dr Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer for England said: “I might say from my own professional perspective, we could perhaps have a more adult and more detailed conversation about PPE supplies.”

Today Doctors’ Association UK Chair Dr Rinesh Parmar said: “Doctors have indeed been having both ‘adult and detailed conversations’ about the sheer lack of personal protective equipment for months, all of which have fallen on deaf ears. 

“Since late February the Doctors’ Association UK and frontline doctors have been sounding the alarm about potential shortages, which have been met with misplaced reassurances that the UK has sufficient supplies.” 

Dr Parmar continued: “It signals a real disconnect between the Government and the daily experiences of frontline staff who have been reporting their PPE status in droves via our NHSppe.com.Doctors are risking their lives on the front line and deserve nothing less than the correct levels of PPE with no compromises whatsoever on their safety.”