DAUK on BBC Radio 4 Today

Dr Katie Sanderson in a BBC interview this morning called for candour about PPE and the reasons behind changes in guidance. She also outlined 3 other issues for front line staff that need the government’s reassurance on:

1. The assurance that the deaths of their colleagues will be properly investigated.  
In the first instant that means making sure that they’re all referred to Coroner’s, as deaths that are potentially unnatural, or occur as a result of employment. 

2. Universal death in service benefits. 
All of us are worried about dying as a result of being infected with coronavirus at work. People’s families shouldn’t be concerned about facing financial hardship if a member of their family,who is a health care worker, dies.

3. Protection for those from other countries.
We know that health care workers come from across the world and they have a whole array of Visa situations. If you die serving this country your family should not face deportation and this country should look after your family. This is a huge huge source of anxiety for many people.