DAUK in The Sun: All frontline workers will get coronavirus testing as Govt rolls out mobile units in bid to hit 100k target

Frontline workers are set to be tested for coronavirus in mobile units after out of town drive-through centres proved a flop. Care workers and NHS staff complained test centres in the likes of Ikea car parks were too difficult to get to, leaving them sat empty.

Ministers will now deploy 48 trucks to Covid-19 hotspots closer to homes in a bid to hit their target of 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month. They will travel around the country to take swab samples with the support of the military before moving to another location.

Surgeon Rebecca Lewis, from Doctors Association UK, said: “There continues to be concerns around the access to testing for staff who are unable or too unwell to drive to a testing centre, often a significant distance from their base.”