DAUK on BBC News: Dr Katie Sanderson speaks up about the lack of safe PPE

In the midst of the personal protective equipment (PPE) crisis, DAUK have been petitioning for greater provisions to frontline healthcare workers. Under the campaign banner of #ProtectTheFrontline, we received numerous reports – via our NHS PPE app – that staff had not received access to effective and safe PPE in huge swathes of the country.

Dr Katie Sanderson, from DAUK, spoke to BBC News about how the lack of transparency around available PPE is affecting healthcare workers.

“Another added stress is the lack of honesty and transparency and I just think it is very difficult to be going to work, being asked to see a patient without adequate PPE and then to be hearing that there is adequate PPE.”

“I dont think that’s the situation we want to be in”

Dr Katie Sanderson, DAUK

The full clip is available on our YouTube channel here.