DAUK on CNN: looking for honesty and candour from the UK Government

Dr Rinesh Parmar, Chair of DAUK, spoke to CNN about the need for honesty and candour from the government regarding PPE supplies:

“We’re hearing that the government are doing absolutely everything they can and we totally appreciate that this is a global crisis with global demands.

What we really would wish for is firstly some honesty about exactly what situation we’re in: how much stock we have and how long that will last for; how they are planning to remedy and fix that situation; and also some clarity on when our guidelines change what the evidence is behind that.

We’ve had situations where doctors are cleaning and wiping down their surgical gowns and then reusing them, and we don’t know whether that practice is safe, whether it offers in the same protection, whether in fact they’re going to spread the infection between colleagues or even between patients – and that’s the worst thing that could happen.

It’s harrowing to see not only the effects on our staff, but also on patients and our family members, who are also worried about us every day we go to work.”