DAUK on LBC on lifting lockdown

Dr Jenny Vaughan is a consultant neurologist and Law and Policy lead at the Doctors’ Association UK.

On Boris Johnson’s outline for lifting lockdown:
He acknowledged there were PPE challenges for the first time, he said this was a global problem. At the Doctors’ Association UK we beg to differ with that – we feel there should have been much better preparation for this, that there have been many problems. We have all heard about the Turkish gown fiasco.

On lifting lockdown:
We have concerns that this is too early. You look at Germany, you look at South Korea, very quickly after they eased their lockdown they began to get higher rates of infection. There is great concern that this is actually too early and that although, to date, the NHS has managed the pressure, that people have respected the message of “stay at home” we do think this lockdown is lifting a bit early. It is a bit confusing – if you cannot work from home, we are expecting you to go to work, but by the way you cannot use public transport. And if you have secondary school aged children they are not back at school; how are you as a parent supposed to go to work? There are a lot of questions here that remain unanswered.

Listen the full interview below: