DAUK in the Guardian: number of key workers getting Covid-19 overtakes positive tests in hospitals

DAUK in the Guardian, excerpt:

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, president of the Doctors’ Association UK, a grassroots group lobbying for the medical profession and wider NHS, said that its fears about the risks to healthcare workers appeared to be well-founded on the basis of the latest figures.

“The Doctors’ Association UK has been lobbying NHS England to monitor and publish rates of healthcare worker infection for many weeks now as part of our Protect the Frontline campaign,” she said.

“Although we cannot conflate correlation with causality we have always suggested that this may act as a surrogate marker for how well the UK’s guidance on PPE is faring. We remain incredibly concerned that healthcare workers are at considerable risk, partly due to a lack of appropriate PPE.

“It appears looking at these numbers that those fears are well founded. We would now urge the Department of Health and NHS England to produce more detailed data on healthcare worker infections so we can protect NHS staff on the frontline as a matter of urgency.”