DAUK in Stylist: “Thank Rosena Allin-Khan for advocating for doctors and NHS staff so eloquently

DAUK in Stylist: “Thank Rosena for advocating for doctors and NHS staff so eloquently,” The Doctors’ Association UK responded. “This is shameful from the Health Secretary.”

The article continues: “It’s safe to say that Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has been pretty busy during the coronavirus outbreak. Alongside managing her position as a Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Allin-Khan has returned to the NHS to support her colleagues on the frontline during the pandemic.”

“Speaking of the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on health workers across the country, Dr Allin-Khan returned to Parliament yesterday to ask questions of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

“But instead of shining a light on the realities of key workers facing the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak, her visit to Parliament has made headlines for a very different reason, after Hancock told Dr Allin-Khan to watch her tone when asking questions.”