DAUK in The Guardian: UK health watchdog may investigate coronavirus deaths

The deaths of more than 50 hospital and care home workers have been reported to Britain’s health and safety regulator, which is considering launching criminal investigations, the Guardian has learned.

“Frontline healthcare workers have been putting their lives on the line to serve the NHS during this pandemic, often without adequate PPE. Tragically this may have contributed to the loss of life of NHS staff.

The Doctors’ Association UK has been exploring a number of legal challenges to hold the government to account. As such we have called for a full public inquiry into the government’s failure to provide PPE and into healthcare worker deaths. We have also been lobbying to ensure Coroner’s inquests are opened into every healthcare worker death; partly to preserve evidence for a full public inquiry or indeed future legal action.

It is important that these challenges are seen as opportunities to learn and not blame. We must ensure any action enables us learn lessons to ensure no doctor is put in harms way in this manner ever again, and give the families of frontline healthcare workers who have died much needed answers.”

– Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden

Please sign our petition calling for a public inquiry into healthcare worker deaths in addition to coroner’s inquests: https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-the-government-must-commit-to-a-full-public-inquiry-into-lack-of-ppe-for-nhs-staff