DAUK on PMQs: Sir Keir Starmer reads DAUK letter on the Immigration Health Surcharge

Sir Keir Starmer reads DAUK letter at Prime Minister’s Questions and challenges Boris Johnson over the Immigration Health Surcharge

DAUK has been lobbying for nearly 2 years to scrap the deeply unfair Immirgation Health Surcharge (IHS). The extortionate charge, which can run into the thousands for a family, it mandatory for all NHS workers to access the very NHS they dedicate so much of their time to. 

Despite pressure from DAUK and other representative organisations the surcharge has not been reviewed and has actually been increased. This at a time when frontline NHS staff are putting their lives on the line in service to this country. 

Last week the Home Secretary promised to review the charge. But just a few days later the Home Office U-turned. 

Two days ago DAUK wrote to the Home Secretary. We said:

“At a time when we are mourning colleagues your steadfast refusal to reconsider the deeply unfair Immigration Health Surcharge is a gross insult to all who are serving this country at its time of greatest needs.”

This excerpt from the letter was read at PMQs today by Sir Keir Starmer, Labour Party Leader. Immediately afterwards, Labour committed to tabling an amendment to the Immigration Bill to have NHS health and care workers exempted from the surcharge.