DAUK on Radio 4: Dominic Cummings has angered doctors

The DAUK’s Rebecca Lewis spoke to BBC Radio 4 about Dominic Cummings’ recent trip during lockdown.

Asked whether he had sufficiently explained his actions, she said: “Absolutely not. I think the answer from our members, from feedback on social media since his press conference, is that it hasn’t changed anything from yesterday. Doctors are very angry about the whole situation.”

“We can all understand – certainly as parents – how he felt, but this was not a time for him to interpret the rules the way he wanted to. We feel that at the moment, at a crucial time where we’re moving from one phase of the response to the next, he has given the public mixed messages, particularly around child care, which is extremely important.”

When pressed on what he should have said, she added: “I think it would provide clarity for him to apologize and admit that’s what he had done was within the letter of the rules, but not within the spirit of them, and that he made a mistake as a panicking father who was worried. We’ve all seen our patients go through the most unimaginable things in the last few months. And we’ve all had to make difficult decisions when going to work about child care and what we should do if we get sick. We don’t have this option to go to second homes and go to get this extra help.”