DAUK pushes for PHE report on BAME to be released, expressing anger as reports remain unpublished

Excerpt from article.

A medical group has expressed alarm that a crucial analysis of the impact of the viral pandemic on ethnic minorities has been suppressed.

Public Health England’s report is said to be ready – but government sources have suggested it has been held back for fear of inflaming racial tensions.

Campaigners called for its immediate publication.

Doctors’ Association UK chair Dr Rinesh Parmar said: “The disproportionate effect on BAME communities and staff in our health and social care sectors has been extremely troubling.

“We urgently need the findings of Professor Fenton’s review to be published with a clear action plan as to how we will take steps to safeguard vulnerable groups. The simple act of completing risk assessments is not enough if actions aren’t taken to protect those that are vulnerable.

“In further delaying the publication of the report, citing global issues such as racial tensions in the USA, the government is signalling how out of touch it is with the concerns of the BAME community.”

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