DAUK in the Daily Mail: Doctors slam Downing Street for using a graphic with inappropriate face mask

Doctors have called out the government for its new messaging regarding face coverings after it shared a video featuring a graphic of a man wearing a mask with a valve.

Yesterday Number 10 shared a tweet explaining that face masks will become compulsory in shops in England from July 24 in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Following Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s announcement, the official Downing Street Twitter account shared a clip which told how wearing a face covering means you’re ‘protecting others’.

But dozens of users, including several doctors, pointed out that the type of mask pictured doesn’t stop the wearer from spreading Covid-19.  

Masks containing valves are usually used in construction and aren’t appropriate for medical settings because, although they filter the air used by the person wearing it, they offer very little protection for others around them.

Julia Simons, the medical student representative of the Doctors’ Association UK who has worked on the frontline of the pandemic during her final year of studies, spotted the blunder.

She tweeted: ‘Please do wear a cloth face covering. Don’t wear a face mask with a valve. The valves mean your face mask is no use for protecting others.

‘How can the government video not get this right? Continuous dither, delay and disaster.’