Progress on disproportionate GMC fees during maternity and shared parental leave

An important announcement from DAUK on unfair and disproportionate GMC fees and a great first step for doctors who are parents

One of our newest committee members GP Dr Elizabeth Toberty has been campaigning for weeks on unfair GMC fees during maternity and shared parental leave.

Previously doctors only qualified for reduced GMC fees if their income fell below £32K for the year between August and July (arbitrary dates set by the GMC for renewal).

This hugely disadvantages doctors who have a baby during the winter months, as their income might not fall below that threshold, even those who are on maternity or shared parental leave for a year.

As a result of Lizzie’s lobbying we have heard from the GMC that they will now allow reduced fees for any doctor who’s income falls below the threshold for ANY 12 month period around their maternity or shared parental leave. This will mean that many more doctors will rightly qualify for the discount.

We still have a way to go. The £32,000 threshold has not changed for years despite inflation. In addition we question why doctors should pay £400/year and up to simply stay on the register even if they are not having any patient contact.

We will continue to work with the GMC on this and question what we feel are extortionate and disproportionate fees.

Thank you to Lizzie and the DAUK GP advisory committee for taking this forward.