DAUK on ITV News: Dr Zainab Najim on Testing Failures

DAUK were featured on ITV News last night with regards to the lack of testing for NHS staff. Recent data shows that significant numbers of healthcare workers, including many doctors, have not been able to access testing.

There have been widespread complaints that the UK’s testing regime is inadequate, with some people being forced to drive for hours to get a test, and others having to wait days for appointments or returned results.

NHS Providers, the body representing hospital trusts in England, earlier issued a plea to the government for the testing regime to improve, saying staff are being kept out of work unnecessarily because test shortages.

Dr Zainab Najim, a GP with DAUK’s GP Advisory Board: “We have been on the government website, refreshing every 20-30 minutes with no luck at all. To be stuck at home for two days not being able to do your job properly and at a time when the NHS needs its doctors the most is incredibly frustrating.”