DAUK in Evening Standard: Doctors fear NHS is ‘sleepwalking into a second wave’

Doctors fear NHS is ‘sleepwalking into a second wave’ as they tell of Covid burnout and fears hospitals will be ‘overwhelmed again’.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, President of the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), told the Standard a combination of lack of testing even for NHS workers and low morale is leaving many staff afraid of what is to come this winter.

“Doctors are becoming incredibly concerned that we are sleepwalking into a potential second wave, without seemingly having learnt any lessons from the first. With the collapse of test and trace and NHS staff being unable to access a test it feels that we are back where we were in early March,” she said. “With little reassurances that the Government has learnt any lessons regarding PPE, the thought that we could lose more colleagues is weighing heavily on the minds of frontline doctors.”

Dr Batt-Rawden added: “Whilst NHS staff rose to the challenge of Covid admirably there is no doubt that many are burnt out and bruised after a very difficult few months. Recent Government decisions including leaving nurses, junior doctors and GPs out of an “NHS pay rise” has left many feeling abandoned.”