DAUK in the Guardian: “Almost half of British women do not self-examine for breast cancer”

Almost half of women do not check their breasts regularly for potential signs of breast cancer, and one in 10 never do so, a survey has revealed.

Women who do not look for changes in their breasts should get in the habit of examining them, as early detection of lumps and other symptoms could save their life, experts say.

DAUK’s Rebecca Lewis, a breast surgeon in London and secretary of the Doctors’ Association UK, is quoted in the article:

“The survey from Breast Cancer Now showing that 47% of women do not check their breasts regularly is worrying, but echoes in my experience what we see in breast clinic.

“All women should be checking their breasts every four to six weeks and not be concerned about what they should or should not be looking for. Any new change needs to be seen by their GP.

“Women should also regularly attend their screening mammograms to detect abnormalities that can’t be felt yet. Early diagnosis is the key to discovering breast cancers when they are small, often meaning less radical treatment is possible. This can have a profound effect on our patients, their treatment and their prognoses.”

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