DAUK on Doctors.net.uk: “Threat to NHS as virus overwhelms hospitals”

Doctors.org.uk reported how overwhelmed hospitals in parts of the UK will face several weeks of growing pressure following the week’s new national lockdown.

The article notes how the Doctors’ Association have called for urgent measures to support NHS staff and other key workers, including new offers of accommodation for those who cannot return home and new access to priority slots in supermarkets. DAUK’s Samantha Batt-Rawden said:

“The impact of lockdown on our society, especially in our most deprived areas must not be underestimated as witnessed first-hand by our GP colleagues.

“However, this must be balanced with the need to protect our health service and indeed our patients. Doctors have been telling us that some intensive care units are already struggling, with staff working around the clock to keep patients safe.

“This situation without increased measures to safeguard our NHS is simply untenable.”

The article can be found here.