DAUK’s Dr Elizabeth Toberty on Practice Index: GPs press for resources for practices to deliver vaccine

New doubts have been raised about the ability of practices to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine in line with the latest guidelines.

DAUK’s Dr Lizzie Toberty, said:

“A vaccine delivery programme is vital for the country to recover from the pandemic. Primary Care is the best-placed service with the expertise and knowledge to deliver the vaccine safely and efficiently. However, there must be adequate resources made available in order to do this. We urgently need funding to renovate buildings, provide adequate PPE, and enough staff to administer the vaccine safely. It must also be recognised that primary care needs to continue all of our vital, routine work too.

“We must prevent a repetition of the mistakes this country has suffered as a consequence of the underperforming Test and Trace programme. The current plans are not sufficient to give GPs a fighting chance to participate effectively in the vaccine programme.”

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