DAUK’s Dr Elizabeth Toberty in the Huffington Post: “Could We Have A Mass Vaccine Rollout By Christmas?”

While applauding news of the vaccine, some medics have raised concerns about the speed at which this vaccination programme has been announced and the safety of using non-medically trained volunteers to distribute it.

Dr Lizzie Toberty is a GP in Sunderland and a member of the Doctors’ Association UK, a doctor-led grassroots lobbying and campaigning group advocating for the medical profession and the wider NHS.

She said:

“We can do it, I believe that we can, but we need to be given the right support, we need to be given the right information and we need to be given the right resources and right now we’re lacking on all three.

“The way it’s been negotiated with NHS England and between the GP committee (GPC) at the British Medical Association (BMA) has been rushed.”

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